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A look at Croydon Gingerbread Playschool, which looks after the children of single parents both after school and during the school holidays.
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Item code: P913; 04
First transmission date: 22-02-1981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:21:14
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Producer: Debbie Axt
Contributors: Diane Corner; Christopher Leavers
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Children; Gingerbread; Play; Playscheme; Self help; Single parents; Volunteers
Footage description: The opening shots show children at Croydon Gingerbread Playschool acting out a play. In voice-over Christopher Leavers briefly states the aim of the programme. Interviews with Diane Corner, founder member of the scheme, and Toby Lawson, resident caretaker, who describes his role at the school. Mitzy Moore, resident playleader, explains how she became involved with the scheme. Film of her and two helpers preparing for the arrival of the children from school. Harry Smith, a volunteer worker at the centre is seen collecting children from school and arriving with them at Croydon Gingerbread Playschool. In voice-over he describes how he became involved with the school. Film of children having a snack at the school, over which Mitzy Moore comments on the way in which they organise the arrival of the children from school. Interview with June Peak, who has a child at Gingerbread. Over film of children playing in the romp room Moore comments on the use they make of this facility. Shots of Voluntary worker Pippa Stroud playing with children, followed by an interview with her in which she explains why she likes working at the centre. Shots of children engaged in a variety of activities over which Moore explains why such a wide range of activities is encouraged. She explains the division of the centre into areas reserved for specific kinds of activity. Shots of children using a morse code game. Over film of Moore planning events at the centre with groups of children she explains how she involves the children in the day to day running of the place. In a brief interview a parent comments on the responsibility given to children at Gingerbread. Shots of girls operating a cafe for the benefit of visiting parents. Further interviews with parents. Film of boys making cakes and running a bric-a-brac stall. Shots of children making a mural over which Dorothy Stewart, who specialises in art, explains why she enjoys working at Gingerbread. Shots of a parent collecting her children from the centre.
Production number: FOUP034L
Videofinder number: 3019
Available to public: no