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This programme looks at the work of the Orchard House Family Centre, Northamptonshire, and the help that it can give to mothers who find that they cannot cope with their children.
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Module code and title: P253, Conflict in the family
Item code: P253; 02
First transmission date: 01-05-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Debbie Axt
Contributors: Carolyn Jones; Robin Wratten
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Case conference; Child abuse; Failure to thrive; Interagency cooperation; Interdisciplinary case management; Neglect; Primary care team; Social services; Therapeutic intervention
Footage description: Shots of Orchard House family centre. Rose, the subject of the programme, and her family are shown arriving at the centre. Rose, in an interview, argues that when she first had children she didn't realise what she had to do for them. The pressures of housework and the children were too much for her. Robin Wratton describes the policy of the family centre which is to try to develop values already present in the mother, and to reawaken those values through involvement with staff and other parents. Shots of Rose reading to her son with the help of an assistant. Rose talks about how the centre has helped her. Shots of the staff and mothers sitting sowing and talking. Robin Wratten explains how the staff look for an increase in self-esteem in the clients, this is often reflected in such things as improved appearance. Shots of Robin and Rose helping her youngest son to walk. Robin describes the importance for Rose of obtaining a positive response when playing with her children. Shots of the family eating at a table. Robin describes how formerly the family did not eat at the table, losing an opportunity for contact, stimulation and interaction. Rose describes how her confidence has grown since attending the centre. She discusses how the children have developed. Shots of Stephanie, her daughter playing with a guinea pig and Mark her eldest son, finger painting. Shots of Rose using facilities at the centre. Robin explains how the centre acts as a focus for all types of social aid to a family. Social work aids can provide expertise, showing Rose household skills and routines. Shots of Rose's aid helping her sort clothes. Robin describes the role of the social worker. Shots of Heather Reynolds, Rose's social worker talking to Rose about how to deal with the children and develop her relationship with them. Shots of Rose cleaning dishes and then playing with her children. She describes how the help she has received has enabled her to improve her routine. Robin explains that a growth in independence means less and less need for supervision from social workers. Finally Rose talks about how her husband has noticed a difference in her and the children since she started going to Orchard House.
Production number: FOUP036A
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