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The parents of children with handicaps are often said by professionals (whether teachers, medical staff or social workers) to be 'over-protective'. In this programme two sets of parents talk about... their experiences in trying to find the right balance between giving the essential extra care their handicapped children need whilst at the same time pushing them to some form of independence. Though a teenager, Roy has muscular dystrophy and is physically totally dependent on his parents. Caroline is 9 and mentally handicapped and though her problems are different, her parents still face the dilemma of when and how far to push her to do things for herself. It's hard for parents to know when is the eight time for them to let their child take risks. Dr. Elizabeth Newson, a developmental psychologist, and Dr. Arnon Bentovim, a consultant psychiatrist, comment on the sorts of difficulties parents face in finding the right balance. The question is also raised in the programme of whether the tendency of some professionals to resort to stereotypes such as over-protection or linked guilt reactions may reduce their ability to fully recognise the parents' dilemmas and empathise with their real feelings and needs.
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Module code and title: P853, The handicapped person in the community
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First transmission date: 11-03-1980
Published: 1980
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Producer: Ann Pointon
Contributors: Ann Glaister; Sylvia Johnson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Guilt; Handicapped children; Independence; Over-protection
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