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This programme highlights the close relationship between the imagery of sexuality and that of violence. It suggests that the cliches of heterosexuality, with the dominant male and the submissive (which are reinforced in films, magazines and advertising), promote an approach to sexual relationships which is often harmful and sometimes violent. Building on the material covered earlier in the Sexuality Units and the Summer School programmes, this programme demonstrates how non-verbal communication is used to establish and perpetuate patterns of control in everyday encounters between men and women. Once these patterns have been established, it is easy for them to spill over into more intimate sexual relations. Everyday situations which are physically dominated by men, through body politics, and with which women seem to acquiesce, can easily lead into the use of physical force in sexual areas.
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Module code and title: U221, The changing experience of women
Item code: U221; 08
First transmission date: 07-09-1983
Published: 1983
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Duration: 00:24:34
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Producer: Frances Berrigan
Contributors: Pamela Blackwood; Jamie Ripman; Elizabeth Edmonds; Anne Dixon; Tina Oldland; Barbara Crowther
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Dominance; Inferiority; Men; Submission; Superiority; Violence; Women; Sex roles; Sexuality; Role play
Master spool number: HOU4256
Production number: FOUP135H
Videofinder number: 1331
Available to public: no