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This programme examines the development of the foetus in the womb. We have used sequences from the Schools TV production "An everyday miracle".
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Module code and title: U205, Health and disease
Item code: U205; 04
First transmission date: 11-05-1985
Published: 1985
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Duration: 00:24:34
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video U205/4,12,5,6.
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Producer: Victor Lockwood
Contributor: Alison Tucker
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Childbirth; Foetus; Morphogenesis
Footage description: Footage - Woman giving birth, midwife and partner present. Still of ovum. Ovum showing cell division. Various cells showing differentiation. Foetus. Baby held by mothers breast. Womb. Ovaries panning to ovum released. Fallopian tubes. Close up of fallopian tube passsing over an ovum (0'22"-4'16") - Sperms. Sperm fertilising an ovum. Cell division. Chromosome. Graphic animation. Speeded up film of frog embryo growing into tadpole. Human cells in a ball changing shape to form embyro. Cell differentiating into blood cells and muscle cells(4'17"-10'12") - Embryo at 4 weeks: heart beating and blood pumping through structure. Embryo at 6 weeks: Heartbeat, spinal cord and eye. Embryo at 8 weeks: limbs forming, blood vessels and cartilage. Foetus at 10 weeks. Foetus at 12 weeks: moving. Graphic animation. Still of human chromosomes(10'13"-15'41") - Down's syndrome child chewing a toy brick panning to hands and feet. Graphic animation. Foetus and umbilical. Birth of baby, midwife and partner present. Graphic animation. Lungs. graphic animation(15'42"-21'12") - Shots of several babies in special care unit. Babies on respirators. Graphic animation. Respirator. Baby on respirator. Mother holding newly born baby(21'13"-23'50").
Master spool number: HOU5536
Production number: FOUP186H
Videofinder number: 1258
Available to public: no