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Three couples are expecting a baby. How do they take the decision about where to have the baby? In the home or in the hospital? This programme presents the reasons for their decisions. Bletchley Ma...ternity Hospital is used to illustrate what a hospital birth would be like, as one couple actually had their baby there.
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Module code and title: U205, Health and disease
Item code: U205; 05
First transmission date: 01-06-1985
Published: 1985
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Duration: 00:23:48
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video U205/4,12,5,6 and U205/5,6,7(1993).
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Producer: Victor Lockwood
Contributors: Alison Tucker; Brian Coombe; Annie Waldon; Mr. Price; Mrs. Price; Mr. Simpson; Mr. Simpson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bletchley maternity; Childbirth; Pregnancy
Master spool number: HOU4656
Production number: FOUP190J
Videofinder number: 1259
Available to public: no