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Module code and title: S207, The physical world
Item code: S207; 03
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Duration: 00:29:35
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Producer: Stephen Evanson
Contributors: F. E. Close; Adrian Hobbs; Robert Llewellyn; Jon Neades
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Fairground ride; Geneva; Traffic accidents
Footage description: Footage - Robert Llewellyn dropping sphere down stairwell. Robert looking at model railway. Speeding car. Close-up of Robert Llewellyn's face. Female with helicopter taking off in background. View of helicopters. Female holding a slinky. Female in hospital gown and mask. Ship on sea (0'01"-0'26") Robert Llewellyn standing by crashed cars. Crash test of two cars colliding. View of crash dummy's face hitting airbag. Robert leaning on car. Mini collides with barrier. Ibex clashing horns. Snooker cue hitting ball, ball moves towards camera. Crash test car collides with motorbike, crash dummy flies off bike (0'27"-1'36") Robert Llewellyn climbs into dodgem car. View of dodgem ride. Lake Geneva. Building in the distance. Female writing on blackboard, observers in background. Chris Llewellyn Smith talking. People looking at monitors. View of CERN. Tejinder Virdee. General view of CERN. David Papineau (1'37"-2'48") Views of dodgems. Robert Llewellyn pulls up in dodgem car in front of camera, drives off. Female dodgem rider. Crash footage, 2 policemen by lorry, crashed red car on grass verge, police at back of crashed lorry (2'49"-3'30") Rays of light. Crash footage; lorry, firefighters putting out car fire, lorry on its side, lorry through crash barrier. Adrian Hobbs talking. Crash footage. Adrian Hobbs. 2 policemen standing by police car, watching white car skid. Police approach car. Jon Neades exits from car and walks along with policemen. Jon Neades. View of tyre of car skidding (3'31"-5'17") Robert Llewellyn looks through side window of car (from outside car). View of crashed cars. Robert appears driving over a hill in a vintage car, drives past camera. Wheels of vintage car panning up to Robert driving, car then moves out of shot. Adrian Hobbs. Crash test views. Moving traffic (5'18"-6'28") Robert Llewellyn walking, pans to awning with "breakfast served all day" written on it. Chip dipped into egg. Robert eats chip. Frank Close. Crash tests interpersed with Adrian Hobbs talking (6'28"-9'16") Robert Llewellyn leaning on lamp post by A5. Toy car being pushed on roadside. Robert crouches down by road with toy car. Adrian Hobbs. Crash tests. Jon Neades leaning on car. Crash footage. Jon Neades. Moving traffic. Close-up of Robert. Moving traffic. Aerial view of crash scene (9'17-11'31") White car skids. Robert Llewellyn picks up snooker cue and hits a snooker ball. View of snooker balls moving. Adrian Hobbs. Frank Close interspersed with snooker balls moving. Still of collision. Cue hitting snooker ball. Ball moving. Crash testing (11'32"-13'42") Robert Llewellyn in magistrates court below Heraldic shield. Frank Close. Snooker balls moving. Chris Llewellyn Smith. Clouds moving. Raindrops on flowers. Frank Close. Snowy scenes: branches, water, trees, running water. David Papineau. Adrian Hobbs (13'43"-16'28") Bat flying. Clouds moving. David Papineau. Views of snow covered land. General views of CERN. Robert Llewellyn drops egg on car windscreen. Frank Close. General views of CERN. Frank Close. Road, Robert appears in shot, walks towards camera, walks out of shot (16'29"-18'15") General views of CERN. Computer image. Tejinder Virdee. General views of CERN. Frank Close. Computer animation of particle tracks. Tejinder Virdee. General view of CERN. B/w still Wolfgang Pauli at blackboard interspersed with Chris Llewellyn Smith. B/w stills older Pauli, equation on blackboard. General views at CERN. Robert Llewellyn sitting by the side of the road, places toy car on toy track. General views of CERN (18'16"-22'14") Chris Llewellyn Smith. Frank Close. Detectors at CERN. Tejinder Virdee. Chris Llewellyn Smith interspersed with collision animation. Frank Close. Chris Llewellyn Smith. Collision animation. Close-up of hand writing equation on blackboard interspersed with Chris Llewellyn Smith (22'15"-27'17") Robert Llewellyn's face pops into shot. Frank Close. Robert walking towards camera, crouches down places toy car on toy track. Tejinder Virdee. Chris Llewellyn Smith. Robert on dodgems. General view of dodgems as credits run (27'18"- 29'54")
Master spool number: DOU10076
Production number: FOUS053H
Videofinder number: 85499
Available to public: no