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The theory of semi-conductor chemistry is examined and the manufacturing process of a large semi-conductor device is followed.
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Module code and title: S247, Inorganic chemistry: concepts and case studies
Item code: S247; 07
Series: Concepts and case studies
First transmission date: 14-07-1981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: John Simmons
Contributors: Stuart Bennett; Keith Trigwell
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Electronics; Insulator; Manufacturing process; Photo electric cells; Radio transistor; Satellites; Solar cells; Valence band
Footage description: Footage - Silicon chip. Robots working on car. Graphic of shuttle in space. TV, radio, watch, calculator, tv camera (0'16"-1'04") - Silicon, copper & quartz conductivity compared (1'16"-2'55") - Graphic of band theory (3'26"-6'44") - Light shone on silicone to speed up motor (6'50"-7'03") - Silicone strip with phosphorous atoms. Valence of silicon graphic (7'18"-8'45") - P-type semi-conductor graphic (9'00"-9'10") - Solar cell. Graphic of silicon crystal & p-n junction (9'29"-12'09") - Phoenix Airport, aeroplane taking off (12'10"-13'15") - Solar cell for diffuse light. Solar cell for direct light. Model of solar cells for direct light with reflectors. Concentrator. Fresnell lens (13'43"-16'45") - Model of flat bed solar cell (16'52"-18'35") - Production of solar cells (18'36"-22'06") - Drawing of Phoenix airport with solar cells (22'07"-22'17") - Drawing of satellites producing electricity from space (22'30"-22'46").
Master spool number: HOU3430
Production number: FOUS086T
Videofinder number: 1961
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