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The chemistry of the Halogens & Noble Gases and how molecules are able to absorb energy from light giving rise to infra-red spectra.
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Module code and title: S247, Inorganic chemistry: concepts and case studies
Item code: S247; 09
First transmission date: 1981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:24:38
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Producer: Barrie Whatley
Contributors: Stuart Bennett; John Holloway; Joan Mason
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Atomic size; Bond energies; Electron affinity; Infrared spectra; Ionisation energy; Molecular vibrations; Periodic table; Row/Group
Subject terms: Gases, Rare; Halogens
Footage description: Footage - Periodic table. Metallic character periodic table. Atomic sizes table (0'13"-0'59") - Flasks of fluorine gas, chlorine gas, bromine & iodine. Periodic table. Reaction of fluorine & hydrogen. Reaction of hydrogen & chlorine (1'10"-2'24") - Hydrogen iodide being warmed, iodine released. Reaction of fluorine with iron wool. Reaction of chlorine with iron wool. Periodic table. Iodine solid (2'36"-3'33") - Ionization energies graph. Electron affinities graph. Atomic sizes table. Bond energies table. Electron pair repulsion (3'45"-5'5 2") - Graphic of chain reaction of fluorine with hydrogen. Slow motion of fire charcoal & fluorine. Polythene, teflon. Model of SF6. Sulphur reacting with fl ball caused by fluorine & hydrogen chain reaction (6'02"-6'31") - Reaction of uorine (7'08"-8'43") - Reaction of fluorine with iodine. Model of IF7 (9'06"-9 '29") - Fluorine properties table (9'47"-10'05"). Pauling letter to Jack Allen, 1933. Equation of reaction of oxygen & platinum hexafluoride (11'16"-12'09") - Reaction of platinum hexafluoride & xenon gas (13'21"-13'29") - Equation of reaction of RuF6 & xenon (14'24"-14'36") - Xeno no-fluorine mixture placed in bulb to produce xenon difluoride crystals (15'34 "-15'44") - Xenon difluoride (16'47"-16'54") - Chemical formula of xenohexafluoride & hexafluoroiodate (17'25"-17'47") - Atmoic sizes table (18'50"-19'23") - Model of hydrogen fluoride (19'53"-21'30") - Infra-red spectrum of hydrogen fluoride. Infra-red spectrum of water. Model of water molecule. Animation of water molecule vibrating (21'49"-24'05").
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