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In this programme, Professor Sir David Phillips, FRS, presents an account of recent work on the structure of proteins and nucleic acids, and their aggregation into cellular organelles. As well as c...onventional television graphics, the cassette uses many specially comissioned computer graphics, provided from 3 sources: the IBM Scientific Centre at Winchester, the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics at Oxford and the Academic Computing Service of the open University. studio demonstrations of a ripple tank and a laser microscope are used to describe the principles of the diffraction techniques underlying this research. The programme is aimed at OU biology students, and assumes an elementary knowledge of physics but but Professor Phillips' lucid explanation of the principles of x-ray fiffraction, together with the wealth of original computer graphics, make this an exceptionally valuable teaching package.
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Module code and title: S325, Biochemistry and cell biology
Item code: S325; VC2 pt2
First transmission date: ntx
Original broadcast channel: ntx
Published: ntx
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Duration: 01:00:00
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Producer: Hendrik Ball
Contributor: David Phillips
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Active sites; Anti-codon; Chromosomes; Diffraction maxima/pattern; Enzymes; Lysozymes; Nucleotide bases; Polypeptide chain; Transfer/messenger RNA; X-ray diffraciton
Master spool number: HOU5144
Production number: FOUS317E
Videofinder number: 1864
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