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Flu can be a devastating killer and much of the interest in flu is directed in the search of a vaccine. the approach has bee two-pronged. the main attack has concentrated on the B cell and antibody... response to the coatspikes but more recently there has been considerable interest in the role of Cytotoxic T cells in combating the disease. The programme begins with a look at the problems of a pathogen like flu and considers the role of B cells and antibody in neutralisation of the virus. John Skehel of the National Institute of Meical research (NIMR) then explainshow the antigenic targets on the viral coat spikes are identified and characterised and considers general features of structures that tend to confer antigenicly. The first part of the programme concludes by looking at the problems and successes of vaccination based on B cells and antibodies. the other part of the programme looks at the immune systems 'second line of defence' the cytotoxic T cell or T killer cell with contributions from Brigitte Askonas and Alain Townsend. The next part describes the discovery of the protective role of Cytotoxic T cells, their likely target antigens and their possible application to vaccination.
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Module code and title: S325, Biochemistry and cell biology
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First transmission date: 1986
Published: 1986
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Producer: Mike Gunton
Contributors: Brigitte Askonas; Basiro Davey; John Skehel; Alain Townsend
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Antigen; Cross-reactive; Cytotoxic; Haemagglutinin; Immune system; Lysozyme; Major-histocompatability-complex; Nucleoprotein; T cells; Vaccine
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