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The programme first charts the development in the recognition of deep sea turbidites, such as those found in the Peira Cava area of south France, and early models of deep sea fans. This selection i...ncludes unique archive film of Kuenan's experiments which established the depositional characteristics of turbidity flows. The next part of the programme deals with leg 96 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. this research gave the first detailed data on a modern deep sea fan - The Mississippi Fan. The programme ends with a field trip to the Delaware Mountains of New Mexico. Here, Arnold Bouma shows how the model developed from the Mississippi data helps in interpreting sediments formed in this oil-rich Permian Basin.
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Module code and title: S338, Sedimentary processes and basin analysis
Item code: S338; 06
First transmission date: 1987
Published: 1987
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Duration: 00:43:42
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video S338/6,9b,10,14,15
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Producer: Barrie Whatley
Contributors: Arnold H. Bouma; James Coleman; Paul Vaughan
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Deep sea drilling; Delaware Mountains; Kuenan's experiments; Leg 96; Mississippi Fan; Peira Cava; Sediments; South France; Turbidity flows
Master spool number: HOU5428
Production number: FOUS405B
Videofinder number: 2006
Available to public: no