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'This video demonstrates the techniques used by field geologists to study regional metamorphic terrane such as that exposed in the Dalradian. This involves correlation of small scale structures int...o a structural cross-section within a regional context and exploring the realtionship of deformation and metamorphism by evaluating metamorphic temperatures and pressures, along a field section. deformation is looked at in terms of the relationship of cleavage to bedding and the interpretation of isoclinal folds, on various scales. Refolded folds are examined in terms of cleavages which can be related to different phases of deformations. This is demonstrated in outcrop and thin section. Sedimentary features are shown together with a detailed examination of mineral assemblager, cordierite, biotite, chlorite, andalusite and stauralite which are related to metamorphic isograds of morphic grade is shown in considerable detail with animated sequences using AFM triangles. The video concludes with some comment on how far the Dalradian metamorphism can be interpreted as a series of nappes and slides pile on top of each other in response to some crustal thickening event.'
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Module code and title: S339, Understanding the continents
Item code: S339; 03
Original broadcast channel: ntx
Published: 1988
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Duration: 00:33:28
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributor: Chris Hawksworth
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Aberdeen; Banff; Biotite; Collieston; Cordierite; Deformation; Devil's study; Fraserburgh; Metamorphic rocks; Stonehaven
Subject terms: Geology--Scotland; Metamorphism (Geology)--Scotland
Master spool number: HOU5611
Production number: FOUS439B
Videofinder number: 3171
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