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This programme shows the great complexity of shelf sediments and how their characteristics are influenced by both wave and tidal process. we've examined one shelf sedimentary sequence in the Rockies which was strongly influenced by storm activity. And in a quarry near leighto Buzzard, we found an example from the English cretaceous, a classic example of a sequence strongly influenced by tides.
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Module code and title: S338, Sedimentary processes and basin analysis
Item code: S338; 10
First transmission date: 1987
Published: 1987
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Duration: 00:17:00
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Producer: Stuart Carter
Contributors: Peter Skelton; Chris Wilson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Canadian Rockies; Cretaceous; Hummocky; Jurassic; Leighton Buzzard; Quarry; Storms; Stratification; Tidal processes; Waves
Master spool number: HOU5641
Production number: FOUS443D
Videofinder number: 2011
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