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The programme begins with the problem of analysing a sample of molten steel, which was filmed at the British Steel Corporation Rotherham Works. The technique used is Spectroscopy on a computer assi...ssted automatic basis. The interpretation of spectra is then considered in more detail. Demonstrations that mercury and sodium vapour are very effective in absorbing the light from a mercury lamp and sodium lamp respectively are shown. These observations are interpreted with electron energy level diagrams, and an animation sequence to show the differene between absorption and emission. Then the spectrum of a hydrogen lamp is obtained and a theoretical explanation of the Balmer Series of spectral lines depicted. Finally, in a sequence recorded at the University of London Observatory at Mill Hill, the information we can obtain from the spectroscopy of stars is examined. This sequence includes a detailed treatment of the measurement of spectral lines - their frequency and intensity, and an indication of how the spectrum of a star is related to its temprature and composition.
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Module code and title: S102, Science: a foundation course
Item code: S102; 12
First transmission date: 1988
Published: 1988
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributors: Charles Harding; Jane Nelson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Balmer series; British Steel Corp; Demonstrations; Molten; Rotherham; Spectra; Spectrometer
Subject terms: Atomic bomb; Mercury; Sodium; Spectrum analysis
Master spool number: HOU5646
Production number: FOUS453T
Videofinder number: 1741
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