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Starting from archival film of the first human submersible (William Beebe's bathysphere) the programme shows how modern submersibles, remotely operated vehicles using sound (sonar ranging), compute...r imaging processing and remote sensing from satellites, all combine to give oceanographers a picture of this ocean floor. The spectacular terrain of volcanic ridges, huge volcanoes and seamount, hot springs and vast abyssal planes is revealed. despite the enormous depths of cold, dark water at fantastic pressure, the ocean floor contains a whole diversity of animals, although small in numbers. The sparse food attracts fish from far and wide and benthic animals in the sediment feed off detritus from the productive surface waters.
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Module code and title: S330, Oceanography
Item code: S330; 01
First transmission date: 1989
Published: 1989
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Duration: 00:24:25
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Producer: Tony Jolly
Contributors: Robert Ballard; Ian Gass
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Abyssal planes; Archival film; Fish; GLORIA; Hot springs; Seamount; Sonar ranging; Submersible; Volcanic ridges; William Beebe
Subject terms: Ocean bottom; Oceanography
Master spool number: HOU6076
Production number: FOUS524R
Videofinder number: 2814
Available to public: no