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The inter-disciplinary nature of oceanography is illustrated in this case study of the Rockall Trough and environs. Different techniques of measuring physical, chemical and biological properties ar...e shown, and the relatively recent discovery of seasonality among organisms living in deep water is described in some detail by scientists of the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences and the Scottish Marine Biological Association. Unique footage of seasonal arrival of 'fluff' on the deep sea bed is featured.
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Module code and title: S330, Oceanography
Item code: S330; 06
First transmission date: 1989
Published: 1989
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: Tony Jolly
Contributor: Sandra Holt
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Benthic animals; Floor; Fluff; Foraminifera; Phytodetritus; Sea; Sea bed; Seasonal arrival; Techniques; Trough
Subject terms: Ocean bottom--Europe; Oceanography--Rockall Bank region; Rockall Bank region; --Rockall Trough
Master spool number: HOU6285
Production number: FOUS567N
Videofinder number: 3004
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