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In late 1982 a surge of warm water swept across the surface of the Pacific depressing the nutrient rich upwelling water off Peru and causing the already over-fished anchovy fishery to collapse comp...letely. This natural phenomena called El Nino by the Peruvians is one of the most intensively studied examples of ocean and climate interaction. In this programme the role of satellites and physical measurements are featured in modelling such interactions using computers. A remarkable 400 year old coral from the Galapagos Islands suddenly lifted out of the ocean by a volcanic event is providing a living tape record of past changes in ocean temperatures and chemical fossils from sediment cores extracted from the deep ocean floor can reveal the winds sweeping off Africa thousands of years ago. Understanding the past may provide the key to predicting future climate changes as the oceans respond to a global warming of the atmosphere resulting from the Greenhouse Effect.
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Module code and title: S330, Oceanography
Item code: S330; 04
First transmission date: 1989
Published: 1989
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Producer: Tony Jolly
Contributor: John Wright
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Anchovy; Coral; El Nino; Fishery; Galapagos; Greenhouse effect; Ocean temperatures; Peru; Polynyas; Satellites
Subject terms: Climatic changes; Climatology; Ocean waves; Ocean-atmosphere interaction; Oceanography; Waves
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Production number: FOUS575R
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