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Synthesising a highly selective insecticide or identifying a rare metabolic disease relies on chemical detectives and their ingenious machines.
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Module code and title: S246, Organic chemistry
Item code: S246; 03; 1991
First transmission date: 27-05-1991
Published: 1991
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: Tony Jolly
Contributors: John Fisher; Malcolm Rose
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Blood urine sample; Hospital patients; Insecticides, agrochemical research centre; Isomers, cypermthrin, pyrethrum; Pathology lab; Sheffield Children's Hospital; Shell Sittingbourne Chromotology
Subject terms: Agricultural chemicals; Chemistry, Analytic; Chemistry, Organic; Insect pests--Biological control; Metabolism--Disorders--Diagnosis
Footage description: Footage - Construction of Panama Canal (0'23"-1'05") - ICI plant (1'06"-1'17") - Computer animation of rotating DDT structure (1'39"-1'44") - Man spraying DDT in rushes, man with malaria, nuns spraying DDT in Naples typhus epidemic, crop spraying from an aeroplane, eagle, mosquito on skin (1'45"-2'30") - Pyrethrin chrysanthemum, pyrethrin pickers in Kenya and film of a cloud of locusts (2'45"-3'05") - Kohns-March 'Knock Down' test (3'06"-3'39") - Rothamsted Experimental Station (3'41"-3'51") - Computer animation of structure of cypermethrin (4'18"-4'24") - Frank Cottee explains infra red spectroscopy (4'50"-6'21") - Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Computer imation of molecular structure, peaks on spectrum (6'22"-7'27") - Gas chromatography (GC). Computer animations of molecular structure of synthetic pyrethroid pesticide,carbon structure and mirror image, chiral atoms and rotating structure of chiral carbon. GC trace. NMR spectrum (7'28"-9'12"). Gas chromatograph connected to mas spectrometer (GCMS). Spectrum as molecular weight and molecular structure. HPLC graph . Bottles of protection agents. Computer animation of structure of carbon atom/NMR. NMR changes to mirror image of carbon atom (9'13"-11'35") - Tests to cover range of pests in laboratory and field, man spraying cotton, manufacturing, formulation, tractor spraying crops (11'36"-13'12") - Doctor with boy patient in hospital. Doctor with baby in cot beside parenteral nutrition apparatus (13'13"-15'33") - Hospital biochemistry laboratory. Monarch centrifugal analyser. Report cards fromanalyser printed out. Chromatographic plate. Chromatographicanalysis. Chromatograph. Blood test. Results from blood spot analyses plotted into a time chart. (15'34"-19'30") - Gas chromatograph. Separating components from urine by shaking it with a mixture of organic solvents. GC trace. Mass selective detector. VDU screen with chromatogram (19'31"-21'55").
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