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Date of transmission:8.6.91.;What are the alternatives to petrol and CFC's proposed by organic chemists and will they be introduced fast enough to mitigate the ozone problem?
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Module code and title: S246, Organic chemistry
Item code: S246; 04; 1991
Published: 1991
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: Tony Jolly
Contributor: Peter Taylor
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Ann Arbor, ICI, Runcorn; Carbon/nitrogen oxides, exhaust fumes; Catalytic converters; CFC's; Greenhouse effect, ozone depletion
Subject terms: Air--Pollution; Environmental chemistry
Footage description: Footage - Beach at Rio de Janiro. Time lapse film of road at sunset and sunrise over city (0'23"-0'54") - London buses in traffic. Time lapse film of sunrise over city (0'55"-1'21") - Blood pumping in vein. Acid rain damaged pine trees. Smog over Los Angeles (1'22"-1'58") - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Test driver in car. Digital displays. Hydrocarbon analyser. Exhaust system of car. Stills of analytical laboratory at EPA, mass spectrometer, distillation apparatus (1'59"-3'54") - Smokey cityscape at sunset. chemical formulas of nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, atomic oxygen, ozone (3'55"-4'53") - Jeff Alson of EPA talks about the future of fuels, particularly methanol. Film of A affic, methanol powered limosine, electric powered car, hydrogen powered car, methanol powered bus. Constant volume sampler. Formaldehyde/Methanol analysis (4'54"-11'33"). Meteorological balloon released in Antarctica. Computer animation of ozone hole. People on a beach. Graphic explains the presence of CFC's in stratosphere (11'45"-13'06") - Ozone conference with Margaret Thatcher. Aerosol production. Fridge production, optical microscope view of insulating foam, compressor,heat exchanger, capillary expansion tube (13'07"-15'59") - Replacing CFC's. Graphics of periodic table, then hydrogen/chlorine/fluorine triangle. Molecularmodels of CFC12 and HFC134a. HFC134a manufacturing plant (16'00"-18'50") - Graphic showing syntheses of HFC134a (18'51"-20'34") - Graphics of ester formulaand polyalkyleneglycol formula (21'50"-22'10") - Night time aerial view of oil rig (23'37"-24'11").
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