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The development of a new form of solar cell - the photoelectrochemical cell by the Swiss chemist Prof Michael Gratzel.
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Module code and title: S247, Inorganic chemistry: concepts and case studies
Item code: S247; 12
First transmission date: 1981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: Barrie Whatley
Contributors: Michael Gratzel; Susan Rae
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Micelle; Photoelectrochemical cell; Photovoltaic cell; Regeneration; Solar cell; Ultraviolet light
Subject terms: Solar cells; Solar energy
Footage description: Footage - 1970's oil crisis (0'06"-0'42") - Solar powered vehicles. Solar panels on houses, buoys. Solar cells (0'48"-1'37") - Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. Photoelectrochemical cells (1'38"-2'13") - Chloroplasts. Animation of cell surface (2'27"-3'51") - Animation of surfactant molecules forming into micelles. Micelle reaction. Graphic of micelle (4'37"-5'44") - Graphic of light harvesting reaction (5'47"-6'55") - Beaker of colloid. Graphic of colloid. Oxidising water to oxygen (7'13"-8'30") - Graphic of electrochemical cell in which water is cleaved by ultraviolet light (9'25"-10'25") - Laser lab. Yield measurement (10'47"-11'26") - Yield measurement (12'21"-13'03") - Electrode. Current measurements (13'17"-14'06") - Electrode with high surface area titanium dioxide film (14'36"-15'21") - Cell manufacture. Cartoon analogy of how cell works. Energy-level diagram of cell (16'09"-21'58") - Photoelectrochemical cells. Graph of conversion efficiencies by year (22'19"-22'51")Solar hut demo (23'22"-23'47").
Master spool number: DOU7593
Production number: FOUS709H
Videofinder number: 4700
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