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The programme examines three different imaging systems used to examine the human eye and its surrounding tissue prior to corrective surgery.
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Module code and title: ST291, Images and information
Item code: ST291; 16
First transmission date: 06-10-1977
Published: 1977
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: James Burge
Contributors: Stuart Freake; Barrie Jones
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Human surgery; Orbit; Tumour; Ultrasound; Venogram; X-ray
Footage description: Barrie Jones introduces the programme. 6tuart Freake points out, on a large model, the various components which make up the human eye. John Wright (Consultant surgeon, Moorfields Eye Hospital), explains what steps he took to diagnose an eye tumour in one of his patients. Stuart Freake introduces a sequence which demonstrates an ultrasonic examination of the patient's eye. Film of Marie Restori (Moorfields Hospital physicist) performing an ultrasonic scan. Wright examines and explains the resulting B-scan. He discusses the results with Stuart Freake. Marie Restori performs an ultrasonic C-scan on the same patient. Wright and Freake discuss the results. Stuart Freake introduces the second imaging technique examined in the programme, venography (an x-ray technique). Annette Wright, a radiology assistant, prepares a patient for venography. Dr. Glyn Lloyd (radiologist) perform the venography. John Wright discusses the results of the venogram with Stuart Freake. They examine the venogam while they talk. Freake introduces an x-ray technique which images tumours directly, the EMIscan. Grace Keltz (radiographer, Atkinson Morley's Hospital performs an EMIscan on a patient. Stuart Freake provides some commentary. Freake and John Wright discuss the results of the EMIscan. Wright explains what information can be obtained from such a scan. Stuart Freake and John Wright discuss possible future improvements in medical acoustic imaging. Barrie Jones sums up.
Master spool number: DOU2412
Production number: FOUS725N
Videofinder number: 2127
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