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The history of acid rain on the environment caused by coal fuelled power stations and what has been done about it.
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Module code and title: S280, Science matters
Item code: S280; 03
First transmission date: 1994
Published: 1994
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Producer: Bill Young
Contributor: Barry Paine
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Acid rain; Coal-fired; Electricity generators; Oslo agreement; Pollution in atmosphere; Sulphur dioxide
Footage description: Footage - Coal mining. Oslo Conference 1994. Chimney producing sulphur dioxide. Lightning, rain. BBC News about acid rain 1984. Norwegian river, lake (0'42"-4'53") - Lakes. Tree being examined. Chimney. Fish being caught. Clods/mist over forest. Power station (5'02"-6'23") - Anti acid rain demonstrators. Rain. Researching acid rain (6'41"-7'30") - Slow motion of rain falling onto flower. Worm in mud. Fish eggs hatching (8'00"-8'50") - Bacteria in water. Slow motion rain fall (9'30"-9'50") - BBC 9 o'clock news item about acid rain 1983. Forest. Cars on wet road, rain (10'53"-12'02") - German anti road protestors. German Green party celebrating (12'38"-13'08") - Westminster (14'10"-14'38") - Trees. Time-lapse of clouds. Lake. Power station. Electricty use in the home. German money. German workers. Welding (14'55"-16'54") - Coal mines. Sunset. British flags. Westminster (17'22"-18'07"). 1984 BBC News about acid rain. Industry producing sulphur dioxide. Clouds. Department of the Environment. 1988 BBC News about acid ran (18'45"-20'07") - Smoke from industrial chimney. British flag flying over Westminster. Coal being loaded onto train. 1990 BBC news about acid rain. Dead fish. River (21'29"-23'06") - Fish in lake. Palaeoliminologists working on lake. Column of sediment. Diatoms. Graph of water acidity. Industry (23'27"-27'40") - Sediment being tested (29'26"-30'05") - 1986 BBC News about acid ran. Sulphur dioxide released from chimney. Lakes. Coal being loaded onto train. Cecil Parkinson speaking at Tory conference (31'05"-32'59") - Adverts for privatisation of Electricty companies. Coal fuelled power station (33'29"-34'34") - Critical loads approach to analyse the impacts of air pollutant on the environment. River. Flower blooming. Clouds. Emissions from power stations. University of Hull. Computer colour coded maps of acidification (35'42"-39'53"). Acid rain protester up Nelson's Column. Westminster (40'18"-40'53") - Drax power station. Action for a Common Future Conference, Norway. Tree cutting (42'58"-44'01") - Coal Mine, miners (44'44"-45'12") - Oil rig (46'42"-47'01").
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