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Module code and title: U205, Health and disease
Item code: U205; 13
Published: 1994
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Duration: 00:28:57
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video U205/13,14.
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Producer: Patti Langton
Contributors: Jim Norton; Claire Walmsley
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Brazil; Condoms; Cultural attitudes; Education; Family planning; India; Infection; Prevention; Zambia
Subject terms: AIDS (Disease)--Social aspects; Sex--Social aspects
Footage description: Footage - Street scene. Crowds of people. 1 female plaiting another females hair with another femail in background. Women carrying baskets on their heads. Group of people. Male and female standing in the sea. Women winding twine. 2 peoples faces. 2 children seated on the ground, Jocobeth Nthewewe walks towards them. Jocobeth with child on her lap. Jocobeth collecting her washing from a line and placing in basket. Jocobeth talking. Nancy (Jocobeths daughter). Jocobeth placing two items infront of the two children seated on the ground (0'26"-2'51") - Female carrying container on head and passing to Jocobeth then both walking behind white building. Katele Kalumba talking. Male in white suit pushing a bike with 2 females carrying bags behind him. Katele Kalumba. Camera zooms in to show market and shoppers in Zambia. Vegetable stall. View of other stalls. School children dancing. AIDS poster held up by children watching the dancers. Elizabeth Mataka with AIDS poster in background. Two dancers hold cards with the words "Immune" & "Acquired", a third talking. AIDS posters. 2 dancers with cards and a third talking to the crowd.Crowd watching play by Family Health trust. Elizabeth Mataka (2'52"-6'25") - Females with baskets on head walking along road. Grass. Views of people walking along road. Nurse on hospital ward in St. Francis hospital. Nurse in another ward. Alie Ngoma and Isaac Mtine walking through hospital grounds. Alie Ngoma. View of road from inside moving car. Alie Ngoma's face. Alie and Isaac exit white vehicle and greeting villagers, Huts in the background. Group talking to Alie. White vehicle moving along road. Male and femail being treated by traditional healer (6'26"-9'06") - Group listening to Isaac. Isaac talking. Family group eating. Isaac talking. Isaac and wife collecting cotton. Isaac follows his wife who is carrying the full basket of cotton accompanied by female and child. Cotton emptied into large sacks. Isaac and wife. Man working the land at dusk (9'07"-11'52") - Harbour at Rio de Janeiro. 2 females in bikinis in the sea. Views of people on the beach. Paulo Henrique Lango interspersed with beach scenes. Valeria Lewis watering garden. Valeria talking. Valeria looking into mirror plaiting her hair. Valeria writing in note book. People entering shop. person walking along the street at night. 4 males around a cafe table. Male walking towards camera with bus in background. 2 males at a table shakes hands with a male then joined by another. 2 Males given condoms. Paulo Henrique Lango. (11'53"-16'30") - Male unwrapes condom infront of 3 other males all seated at cafe table. Paulo Henrique Lango. Silvio handing condoms to a group of boys. Paulo Henrique Lango. View from moving vehicle of a Rio Shanty town. Children on the streets of Rio at night. Theatre playing on beach at Rio. Ludmilla Pereira Roque talking from beach at night. Theatre on beach at night. Indio talking from beach at nightime interspersed with children participating in theatre on beach (16'31- 20'25") - People on train in India. Crowd. Street scenes in Bombay. Views of prostitutes on the streets of India. Female handing paper to nurse at desk. Nurse entering details on patient notes. Female face. Nurse. 2 women standing by nurse. Dr Subhash Salunke. Prostitutes by doorways. Subhash Salunke. Street theatre and crowd. Prostitutes. Street scenes. Prostitutes. Doctors surgery. Shernaz Dinshaw. Male addressing crowd. Shernaz Dinshaw. Vehicles moving along the street. Male addressing crowd. Shernaz Dinshaw. Indian street scene. Female indian villagers carry baskets on their heads. Poster being put up. Male talking to a group of men. Narayan Thakar intersperesed with village group listening to singing and music(20'26"-29'05")
Master spool number: DOU7838
Production number: FOUS770Y
Videofinder number: 4690
Available to public: no