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This programme provides a splendid opportunity to show some classic volcanic eruptions in the context of their emissions of gas and the aerosols they produce. Climatic effects are illustrated and d...iscussed for eruptions this century and in the past. The effects of these aerosols in decreasing solar insolation is presented, and related to the complex story of how mean temperatures are affected in different parts of the Earth. Starting with recent well documented eruptions the programme moves back in time to illustrate and discuss historic eruptions of ever increasing scale and severity with regard to their environmental effects. Finally the extent and nature of plateau lava eruptions is shown in an item on the Columbia River basalts. The question could they be responsible for such severe climatic effects as to be the cause of mass extinctions is asked, and two opposing views are presented. The eruptions shown and discussed in detail include:- Mt. Pinatubo, 1991 /El Chichon, 1982 / Tambora, 1815 / Laki, 1783 / Toba, 75,000 years ago / Columbia River basalts, 17.5 - 15.5 Ma.
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Module code and title: S269, Earth and life
Item code: S269; 06
Recording date: 1997-10-21
First transmission date: 1997-05-08
Original broadcast channel: BBC Prime
Published: 1997
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Producer: David Jackson
Narrator: Carmen Jackson-Pryce
Contributors: Richard Turco; Dave Rib; Alan Robock; Steven Carey; Haraldur Sigurdsson; Stephen Self; Stephen Reidel; Michael Rampino; Peter Francis
Publisher: Open University
Keyword(s): volcanic eruptions; impact on climate; lava flows; Mount Pinatubo; Philippines; volcanoes
Subject terms: Climatic changes; Volcanoes; Weather - Effect of volcanic eruptions on
Production number: FOUS808P
Videofinder number: 5574
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