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This programme covers the intimate relationships between breathing and heartrate, physiological demands, emotion and the conscious mind.
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Module code and title: SK220, Human biology and health
Item code: SK220; 02
First transmission date: 1997
Published: 1997
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Duration: 00:29:41
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Producer: Phil Gauron
Contributors: Sandra Budin; Ashley Conway; Georgina Ferry; Stewart Fisher; Philip Kilner; Maarten Vermaase
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bloodflow & heartbeat; Exercise; Monitoring breathing; Punting on river; Respiration; State of mind
Subject terms: Blood--Circulation; Respiration
Footage description: Footage - Man playing Saxophone. Ashley Conway. Maarten Vermaase. Philip Kilner. Stewart Fisher. Man playing saxophone. Female punting. Stewart Fisher. Male reclining in punt and putting hand into water. Showing Oximeter and Telemetry heartbeat detectors on male's chest(0'24"-3'05") - Heartbeat and breathing observed whilst male is driving, cycling, shopping and listening to music. Pages of heart rates and graphs. Philip Kilner. Male punting whilst female reclines holding a glass. Male driving around roundabout. Man playing saxophone(3'06"-5'41") - Magnetic Resonance Imaging of lungs. Man playing saxophone. MRI of deeper breathing. MRI of heart. Graphic animation of heart. Philip Kilner. Graphic animation of heart. Cyclist. MRI of heart. Graphic animation. MRI of lungs. Stewart Fisher. Male and female cycling through countryside interspersed with Stewart Fisher speaking. Graphic animation of lungs. Stewart Fisher. Lung casts.Graphic animation. Philip Kilner with lung cast model. Graphic animation. Angiogram. Blood flow microphotography. Alveolus graphics(05'42"-16'11") - Mountaineering footage from "Everest:the final challenge". Mountaineering footage from "Everest:the hard way". Stewart Fisher. Mountaineering footage from "Everest:The final challenge". Sherpa male and female. Plane taking off. Anxious passengers on plane. Close up of female (Sandra) face, breathing being monitored. Sandra and Ashley Conway in office, female handed paper. Ashley Conway talking to Sandra, breathing being monitored. Plane taking off. close up of Sandra's nose and mouth. Graph. Oximeter sensor on finger. digital display. Close up of Sandra's face. MRI unit. MRI scan. Graphic animation(16'12"-23'09") - Ashley Conway. Eastern Monks. Maarten Vermaase speaking, meditating and performing Yoga exercises. Female punting, male reclining. Philip Kilner. Male driving. Stewart Fisher. Close up of Sandra. Maarten Vermaase performing yoga exercise. Man playing saxophone(23'10"-29'02").
Master spool number: DOU9028
Production number: FOUS885L
Videofinder number: 5317
Available to public: no