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This programme shows four short stories looking at why food choices can't be taken at face value.
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Module code and title: SK220, Human biology and health
Item code: SK220; 03
First transmission date: 1997
Published: 1997
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Duration: 00:29:00
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Producer: Phil Gauron
Contributors: John Jaworski; Debbie Lemmer
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Eating; Families; Food choices; Health; Shopping
Subject terms: Food consumption; Food habits
Footage description: Footage - Michelle taking a bag of potatoes, David using Safeways self service machine. Debbie Kemmer speaking. David and Michelle choosing from menu in takeaway window. Girl drinking from a bottle. School children around table, eating and drinking. Family having meal at home. Anne Murcott. Baby in chair having cheek rubbed panning to Claire and Li Jun eating. Claire breast feeding Lily. Greengrocers stall on market serving John Hutchison. Family having meal. Anne Murcott(0'28"-1'59") - Claire holding baby, Li Jun holding toy dog. Claire breastfeeding Lily. Claire. Claire speaking. Claire holding baby. Anne Murcott. Claire preparing baby milk. Li Jun bottle-feeding Lily. Claire. Li Jun. Claire . Li Jun bottle-feeding baby. Kim and Claire with children. Close-up of Lily. Debbie Kemmer(2'00"-6'04") - Claire entering health visitors door with Lily. Lily being weighed. Claire preparing food. Claire feeding Lily solids(6'05"-7'52") - Cereal packet and bowl taken from cupboard.Cereal poured into bowl. Kim Hobbs eating breakfast. School tuck shop. Lorraine and Kim entering kitchen. Lorraine opens a box and extracts a packet of crisps. The Hobbs family eating a meal. Kim laying across bed speaking to camera. External and internal views of Fish and Chip shop. Children eating chips outside shop(7'53"-9'19") - School children lining up. Chips served at school canteen. Anne Murcott. Speeded up shot of school dinner queue. Close-up of food. Schoolchildren speaking interspersed with close-ups of food and lunch boxes. kim eating sausage roll. Lorraine and Steve on sofa talking. Views of chip shop. Lorraine and Steve on sofa talking. Lorraine preparing packed lunch. Anne Murcott. Food taken from freezer and put into dishes. Kim and Lorraine on sofa. food into oven. Kim and Joe on sofa. Food taken from fridge. Kim lying on her bed with her head in her hands(9'20"-14'28") - Anne Murcott. Kim at karate lesson. Joe and Sophie playing pool. Food being prepared.Steve and Kim on sofa interspersed with food preparation and activities. Kim(14'29"-15'56") - David and Michelle shopping. Debbie Kemmer. David and Michelle shopping. Food purchased displayed on table. David and Michelle bowling, sitting in sitting room, outside takeaway. Close-up of peacock. David and Michelle watching TV. Debbie Kemmer. David preparing sandwich(15'57"-21'02") - Michelle preparing spaghetti bolognese(21'03"-22'13") - John Hutchison catching bus, in garden. B/w still of wedding photo. John walking around market. Debbie Kemmer. John. John at fish stall. John in Toni's bakery. John in garden, cooking, playing snooker. Family eating Sunday lunch. John. Lily in car seat. Michelle bowling. John playing snooker. Kim at karate(22'14"-28'27").
Master spool number: DOU9029
Production number: FOUS886F
Videofinder number: 5318
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