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This programme examines what is the physiological basis for healing and what role our emotions play in the process.
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Module code and title: SK220, Human biology and health
Item code: SK220; 04
First transmission date: 1997
Published: 1997
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Duration: 00:29:00
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Producer: Ian Thomas
Contributors: Mary Dyson; Georgina Ferry; David Reilly; John Weinman
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Chronic fatigue syndrome; Healing; ME; Physical symptoms; Psychological symptoms
Subject terms: Medicine and psychology; Medicine, Psychosomatic; Mind and body
Footage description: Footage - Close up of telephone panning to female in armchair. David Reilly speaking. Plaque showing "Medical school" panning to entrance with John Weinman and Mary Dyson walking away from and along the street. Mary Dyson(0'22"-2'35") - Dermatologist performing punch biopsy on female. Biopsy healing sequence. Tissue samples examined. Mary and Atif. Chart. Mary Dyson. Atif and Mary looking through microscope. View of magnified tissue. Mary Dyson. Picture of wound healing process. Foetus from "An everyday miracle". Mary Dyson. Lounge in old peoples home. Mary Dyson(2'36"-6'04") - 2 elderly females and elderly male walking away from a building. Glasgow homeopathic hospital. Medical group discussion lead by David Reilly. Fountain(6'05"-7'55") - Jill Moss speaking. Graduation picture of Jill Moss, card, photo, calculator, walking boots, map. Jill Moss. Jill and John Moss looking at their son's wedding album.Jill Moss. Jill Moss descending stairs on her bottom. Anne Macintyre speaking. Jill Moss resting on sofa. Anne Macintyre. Jill Moss reading magazine on sofa. Anne Macintyre. Still of Jill Moss with text superimposed. Anne Macintyre. Jill Moss with text superimposed(7'56"-12'13") - Speeded up film of male at desk sorting papers. John Weinman. John Weinman and Mary Dyson in cafe. John Weinman. Mary Dyson looking at papers in cafe. Close up of page. John and Mary through cafe window. Pages of text. Fountain. David Reilly. Close up of faces on painting by Boucher. David Reilly(12'14"-15'14") - Female face. Neil Beattie speaking to male patient. John Weinman. Neil Beattie speaking to male patient. Patrick Wall. Patrick Wall in office looking at papers. Pills. Male taking pill. Pill put into bottle. Patrick Wall. Acupuncture applied to feet. David Reilly. Acupuncture. Patrick Wall. Medicines on shelf(15'15"-19'40"). David Reilly. Neil Beattie talking to female patient. Chart. Neil Beattie and female patient. David Reilly. Various patients talking. Neil Beattie looking at patient chart. David Reilly. Neil Beattie talking to female patient. David Reilly. Hand knocking on David Reilly's door which opens to view of David Reilly at his desk. David Reilly talking to male patient. Jill Moss walking over bridge with her dog. Jill Moss. Jill Moss using keyboard. Jill answers phone. Jill Moss reading letters. Anne Macintyre. Jill Moss walking her dog along side canal. Fountain(19'41"-29'00").
Master spool number: DOU9030
Production number: FOUS887A
Videofinder number: 5326
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