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This programme investigates global warming and asks "Have humans anything to do with these changes"?
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Module code and title: S103, Discovering science
Item code: S103; 02
First transmission date: 07-03-1998
Published: 1998
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Duration: 00:29:03
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Producer: Andrew Law
Contributors: Keith Briffa; Trevor Davies; G. J.(Geoffrey J.) Jenkins; John Kingston; Mike Wood
Publisher: BBC Open University
Footage description: Footage - Rocket taking off. Satellite image of earth. Computer animations of weather satellites. News footage of severe gales ripping roofs off buildings. Scenes of waves crashing against sea wall. Swirling clouds over earth. Boat on rough seas. (0'12-1'40") - Computer animation of earth showing weather systems. Bare trees in winter. Cloaked figure (actor) walking through snow covered scene. Extracts from weather observations made in 1780s being scanned into computer. Pen and ink drawings of weather instruments c.1780s. Charts showing information gathered by the Mannheim Group. Actor playing a member of the Mannheim Group writing in his diary. Interior scenes at the Met Office (1'41"-4'34") - Sun shining through the clouds. Computer animation of earth showing atmospheric convection. Timelapse scenes of clouds. Animation of movement of ocean currents at Polar regions. Animated maps of earth showing movement of surface and deep ocean currents (5'34"-7'20"). North Atlantic ocean. Moon and clouds. Clouds. Lightning. Factories. Computer animation showing the Greenhouse effect. Falling chimney (7'21"-8'49") - Artifacts and charts from the Met Office archives. Graph showing variations in surface temperatures since 1860. Timelapse clouds. Meterologists viewing archive data (8'50"-11'24") - Woodland. Tree rings viwed under microscope. Aerial view of woodland. Extracting core samples from tree trunks. Cross sections of tree trunks. Tree rings analysed in lab. Woodland (11'25"-15'34") - Storage room housing ocean sediment cores. Phytoplankton. Scientist examining plankton with electron microscope. Containers on shelves. Graph showing climatic variation over thousand of years (15'35"-18'52") - Sunset. Computer animations of Earth orbiting the sun, Earth tilting, axis movement, and shape of orbit. Sunset. Sunspots (20'11") - Mannheim Group charts and data. Met Office archives. Extract from private weather diary, 1783 (20'12"-21'13"). Volcano Pinutubo erupting. Rising sun. Woodland. Scenes of aerial pollution (factories, smoke). Scientist extracting ice core in Antarctica. Graphs showing correlation between changes in temperature and carbon dioxide concentration over the past 150,000 years (21'14"-23'26") - Timelapse clouds, factories. Computer animations of earth warming and weather satelites. Actor (Mannheim Group) writing on chart. Interior of Met Office. Computer animation of global climate model (23'27"-25'10") - Black chimneys. Clouds. Aerial view of clouds. Silhouette of coal mines. Sunset. Aerial view of land. Scenes of ice flows. Woodland. Sunset (25'11"-29'03").
Master spool number: DOU9186
Production number: FOUS906D
Videofinder number: 5382
Available to public: no