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This programme looks at Sickle cell disease and how carriers are resistant to Malaria.
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Module code and title: S103, Discovering science
Item code: S103; 04
First transmission date: 1998
Published: 1998
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Duration: 00:28:53
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Producer: Simon Lawson
Contributors: Jemima Dennis-Antwi; Susan Rae
Publisher: BBC Open University
Footage description: Footage - African-American man, child, woman. Street scene in Philadelphia, USA. Women crossing street. Woman on pavement. Woman walking (0'8"-1'08) - African women and babies at Ghanaian medical centre. Baby being weighed. Traditional healer treating patient. Man at home describing symptoms of sickle cell anaemia. Ghanaian town scene (1'09"-2'40") - Man crossing street in Philadelphia. Still of Noel family tombstones. B/w photo of James Herrick. Philadelphia street scenes. Three b/w illustrations of plantation slaves, a female slave and a slave market. Still of reward poster for return of runaway slaves (2'41"-4'33") - Philadelphia street scenes. Animation of possible inheritance of sickle cell genes. Ghanaian town and beach scenes. Clinic/store sign. Traditional healer talking. Ghanaian street scenes. Bus. Children looking out of bus window (7'10"-11'12") Extracts from b/w films of African woman and child carrying head baskets to hut, ploughing with buffalo and paedriatric ward in hospital (11'13"-12'17") - Mosquito feeding. Mosquito emerging. African landscapes: coastal area and rocky desert. B/w film of African market. Map animation of sickle cell and malaria distribution. Ghanaian street scenes. Exterior of hospital. School children. Film of red blood cells being attacked by malarial parasites (12'18"-14'43") - Ghanaian beach scene. Swordfish. View of beach through archway. Philadelphia street. B/w illustration of slaves at port. Huts on Ghanaian beach. Philadelphia skyline and aerial view (14'44"-16'07").Scientist using microscope. Normal red blood cells and sickle cells under microscope. Animations showing structural differences of normal red blood cells and sickle cells. Girl receiving blood test. Scientist testing blood sample. Three containers of analysed blood (4'34"-7'00"). Reception desk at Children's hospital of Philadelphia. Family in ward. Child having blood pressure taken. Sickle cell child with father in hospital. Medical team in meeting. Children receiving treatment (16'08"-17'24") - Statue of African man. Komfo Anokye Hospital, Kumasi: interior scenes. Nurse taking blood samples from babies. Scientist working in Noguchi Institute lab. Results sheet (17'25"-21'38") - Group of mothers and babies in clinic. Education class for mothers. Poster showing symptoms of sickle cell anaemia. Two community nurses visiting homes (21'39"-25'43") - Exterior of Family court of Philadelphia. Social worker leaving building. Views of the city from car window. Doctor treating child in hospital bed. Patients being treated. Scenes from Ghana and Philadelphia. Musicians (25'44"-29'08").
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Production number: FOUS908R
Videofinder number: 6625
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