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This programme explores the scientific research for alien intelligence in the Universe.
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Module code and title: S103, Discovering science
Item code: S103; 10
First transmission date: 1998
Published: 1998
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Duration: 00:29:45
Note: Loan copy available on compilation video S103/VCR4.
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Producer: Cameron Balbirne
Contributors: Peter Capaldi; Pipfax Wakivegh; Robert Foley; Jill Tarter
Publisher: BBC Open University
Footage description: Footage - Specially shot b/w film of Greenbank telescope and surroundings. Close-ups of telescope. Views of fields with telescope in the distance (0'55"-2'02") - B/w film of interior of observatory. Greenbank telescope at night. Telescope operator at work. Data on computer screen (2'03"-3'55") - Book cover: "Mars as the abode of life". B/w photo of Percival Lowell. Drawings and charts from "Mars as the abode of life". Film loading. Clip from 1939 film: "Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars". Book cover: "War of the Worlds". B/w photo of H.G. Wells. Book spine: "The Origin of Species". Painting of Charles Darwin (3'56"-6'02") - B/w aerial view of crowd and people crossing bridge to Mt. Wilson Observatory, California in the 1920s. B/w film of Edwin Hubble at telescope. Animation of galaxies moving away. Animations of universe (6'03"-7'07"). B/w film of spaceship from film "Devil girl from Mars". Magazine covers: "The Skylark in space. Clip from 1986 film: "Star Trek II: the wrath of Khan". Inside a Star Trek exhibition. Clip from original Star Trek series (7'08"-9'13") - Covers of science fiction magazines. Clip from 1956 film, "Invasion of the body snatchers". Melrose Avenue, Hollywood. Exterior of Paramount Studios. Paramount make-up studio. Latex masks used on Star Trek. Clip from Star Trek. Clip from 1953 film "Invaders from Mars". Clip from 1936 film "Flash Gordon: captured by shark men" (9'14"-12'21") - View from WWII planes of bombing raid. WWII film of ship, radio operator, submarine. B/w film of Dwingeloo telescope. B/w photo of Frank Drake. Views of astronomical telescope. Filing cabinets. WOW! printout (12'22"-14'40") - Vehicle travelling along forest road. Site of Big Ear telescope (various shots). B/w still of Richard Feynman. B/w film of Richard Feynman lecturing in 1964 (14'41"-21'09"). B/w film of Greenbank Observatory buildings. Interior of building. Equation on blackboard. Animation of galaxies. Animation of swirling clouds of gas (21'10"-22'25") - Animation of space and rotating earth. Satellite film of earth. Astronauts working on satellite. Volcanoes and detail of volcanic activity. Leafcutter ants. Monkeys in a pool. Pond water, green cells. Film montage of higher social mammals (22'26"-24'59") - Street crowd scene interspersed with scenes from wars and famine. Nebula. Animation of space. Formula on white board (25'00"-26'26") - Site of Big Ear telescope. B/w film of astronomical telescope. Greenbank telescope at night (26'27"-29'17").
Master spool number: DOU9491
Production number: FOUS915A
Videofinder number: 5536
Available to public: no