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Module code and title: S103, Discovering science
Item code: S103; VCR4
Published: 1999
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Duration: 02:25:29
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track listing for this programme
Track 1 S103/01 The birth of liquid crystals
Version note: originally S103/TV01, FOUS905J
Track 2 S103/09 Hidden visions
Version note: originally FOUS914F
Track 3 S103/08 Lifelines
Version note: originally S103/TV08, FOUS913L
Track 4 S103/05 Lost worlds
Version note: originally S103/TV05, FOUS9I0E
Track 5 S103/10 Making contact.
Version note: originally S103/TV10, FOUS915A
Producer: Jill Tibble
Contributors: Pipfax Wakivegh; Don Eigler; Steve Jones; S.(Simon) Conway Morris; Susan Rae
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Charles Darwin; Dinosaurs; Dorothy Hodgkin; Evolution; Fossils; Fossils; Friedrich Reinitzer; Observatory telescopes; Scanning electron microscope (SEM); SETI
Master spool number: DOU9865
Production number: FOUS987B
Videofinder number: 5817
Available to public: no