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The programme, filmed at the Avon Rubber Company in Melksham, Wilts., examines the process of manufacturing rubber tyres and the possibility of recycling old tyres.
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Module code and title: T352, Materials processing
Item code: T352; 16
First transmission date: 09-10-1979
Published: 1979
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Colin Robinson
Contributors: Peter Lewis; Jeff Morris
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Calendaring; Car tyres; Curing; Extrusion; Incineration; Polymers; Recycling; Retread; Rubber; Vulcanisation
Footage description: Film of old tyres going into an incinerator and of old tyres being burned outdoors. Peter Lewis standing among old tyres, introduces the programme. Close up film shots of a car wheel travelling at speed. Commentary by Lewis points out the properties which a good tyre must have. He also holds up a car tyre and points out some of its features. An animated diagram of a car tyre shows the various components which make it up. Brief film clips then show the three basic categories of tyre manufacture - mixing the raw materials, calendaring and extruding, and building the tyre. Commentary by Lewis. Peter Lewis explains how the rubber is mixed with other materials to make it suitable for tyres. Film of rubber being cut and mixed with additives. Film shots of calendaring process in which the metal and textile bracers are coated with rubber prior to the assembly of the tyre. Some animated diagrams are also shown. Commentary by Peter Lewis explains the process. More film shots, this time of the components being assembled prior to moulding to the tyre's final shape. Film of the assembled tyre being moulded, vulcanised and cured. Commentary by Lewis describes the vulcanisation and curing processes. Peter Lewis, Geoff North and Jeff Morris discuss the stripping of rubber from old tyres prior retreading and the possible uses for this old rubber. Film shots of rubber being stripped from old tyres. Peter Lewis and Geoff North go on to discuss the re-treading process. Shots of old tyre casings prior to retreading. Jeff North points out features introduced to tyres over the years which have made them so much more efficient and long lasting. He goes on to discuss, briefly the possibility of recycling more of the rubber from old tyres for use in the manufacture of new tyres. Peter Lewis sums up the programme.
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Production number: FOUT020A
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