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The programme is a compilation of old BBC programmes about cars. It has no additional commentary and the student is therefore left to question his own attitudes to a particular technological develo...pment in the light what has been covered in the course.
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Module code and title: T101, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T101; 17; 1980
First transmission date: 28-08-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Michael Cocker
Contributor: John Naughton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): 1st World War; Accidents; Car crash testing; Colin Buchanan; Drive-in church; Earl's Court Motor Show; Early motoring; Los Angeles; Peter Walker; Smog
Footage description: John Naughton, in the studio, introduces the programme. Film shots of early motor cars being driven along a lane. Commentary by John Carson discusses the reliability and economics of these early cars. Film of fashionable people including Queen Mary in their motor cars prior to W.W.I. Shots of an early Ford Motor Company assembly line. Commentary points out that, in contrast to America, the car was no more than an aristocratic toy in Europe at this time. Archive film of various vehicles used during W.W.I. Shots of staff cars, armoured cars, lorries, etc. Commentary explains the impact that this vast exposure to motor vehicles had on the public and the demand for cars this created after the war. Film shots of heavy traffic in Los Angeles. Film shots showing a drive-in church in the city during Sunday service. Commentary by Julian Pettifer sees the automobile as an object of worship for many motorists. The programme next examines some of the undesirable consequences of the motor car, both economic and environmental. Shots of very heavy traffic in London and Los Angeles. Excerpts from, a Los Angeles radio smog warning are played. Shots of a Morris Marina being tested for exhaust gas levels. Commentary by Brian Widlake explains the cost and equipment involved in meeting the stringent U.S. exhaust requirements for cars. Film shots of cars being crash tested. Commentary by Julian Pettifer discusses, briefly, some road accident statistics. Film shots of road accident victims being pulled from wreckage. An interview with Peter Walker, M.P. a former Secretary of State for the Environment. He points out some of the positive effects the motor car has had on the life of ordinary people. Stephen Murray and Colin Buchanan (author of 'Traffic in Towns') discuss the choice before the community on how much traffic they have. Film shots of Westway the London urban motorway, being opened and of heavy traffic on Westway. Commentary by Brian Widlake points out the undesirable consequences of this motorway. Interview with David Kelly, a commuter who uses his car daily for driving to and from work. The interview takes place in his car on the way to work. Kelly explains why he is prepared to pay so much more to use his car rather than travel to work by public transport. Brian Widlake, voice over animated diagrams, discusses the importance of the motor industry for Britain's national economy. Film shots of the 1972 Motor Show at Earls Court. Film of an American television car commercial. Film shots of several very streamlined cars designed by Pininfarina. Archive film shots of an early open motor car being driven up a mountain in Scotland. Commentary tries to bring out the fantasy element associated with the motor car and the motor industry.
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