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The programme attempts to gain an insight into steps taken by a team of design engineers who were engaged in designing a semiautomated inking system for a Baker Perkins webb offset litho-printing machine.
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Module code and title: T283, Introductory electronics
Item code: T283; 08
First transmission date: 10-09-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:23:45
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Producer: John Stratford
Contributors: Gerald Avison; George Buchanan; N. W. Heap; Geoff Lawlor; Roy White
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Baker Perkins Peterborough; Lithography; Patscentre International
Footage description: Shots of a semi-automated webb-offset litho printing machine in operation. Commentary by Nick Heap introduces the programme. Interior and exterior shots of Patscentre International, the firm of engineering consultants which designed the control system for the above printing press. One of its directors, George Buchanon, explains what sort of work his company does. The three engineers assigned by Patscentre to design the control unit, Geoff Lawler, Roy White and Gerald Avison explain the first steps they took; an examination of the printing process and drawing up an outline specification for the job. Film shots of the printing press in operation. Then, with a working model of one of the rollers, Nick Heap explains how the flow of ink into a press is regulated manually. The three engineers go on to explain why they initially broke the design problem down into functional blocks. Shots of a systems block diagram while they talk. They go on to discuss, briefly, why it was important to take into account such factors as ease of maintenance and the environment in which the system will operate. Nick Heap examines a control unit for the press as designed by Patscentre engineers. He points out the various components and explains their role. Gerald Avison then explains why the particular D.C. motor which drives the unit was chosen. Using more block systems diagrams, the three engineers explain why they sub-divided their original functional blocks further and further in their development of the control system. They point out the various parts and explain why they took this particular design route. Nick Heap and Gerald Avison discuss the indexes of components which are available for design engineers. Shots of a girl examining an index on microfiche. Lastly, the three engineers discuss the final stage of the design process, that of drawing up a detailed paper design and the building of prototypes . They stress the importance of ensuring that the specifications are not allowed to drift.
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Production number: FOUT058B
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