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The programme looks at velocity diagrams for two mechanisms, an internal combustion engine and a shaping machine. It explains how velocity diagrams help isolate all information about velocities on ...the mechanism at a given instant.
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Module code and title: T232, Engineering mechanics: solids
Item code: T232; 03
First transmission date: 04-05-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Martin Wright
Contributors: Tony Bright; John Dixon; Phil Richards
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Engineering mechanics; Slider crank mechanism; Velocity
Footage description: Film clips from an international rugby match. Commentary by Tony Bright explains the value of being able to freeze the action at any time during the film. He points out that this is what the velocity diagram does for mechanical systems. Shots of a reciprocating internal combustion engine piston/crank mechanism over. The movement is stopped from time to time. John Dixon, using a drawing board, draws a velocity diagram for a piston/crank mechanism. As he draws, he explains how he has arrived at his data for the diagrams. Tony Bright, walking over a very large velocity diagram, sums up what information a velocity diagram actually gives. John Dixon explains that it only provides velocities in a mechanism for a given moment and that a computer is needed to give velocity information throughout a full range of motions. Shots of a computer animated diagram as he talks. Dixon briefly sums up the purpose of velocity diagrams. Film of a shaping machine in operation. Commentary by John Dixon explains that this is a constant velocity force and quick return stroke mechanism. The motion of the mechanism is shown in an animated line diagram. Dixon then shows working models of the two mechanisms which have a quick return stroke but work differently. Tony Bright points out and explains the difference. John Dixon, at the drawing board, constructs an instantaneous velocity diagram for these mechanisms. Then, with commentary by Tony Bright, a computer animated velocity diagram shows the entire cycle of motion for the mechanism. Tony Bright sums up the programme.
Master spool number: HOU3373
Production number: FOUT065K
Videofinder number: 2234
Available to public: no