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Lifts in coal mines are studied as examples of integrated mechanical design. The programme considers the influences of the dynamics and kinematics on the design of various elements in two different... designs.
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Module code and title: T232, Engineering mechanics: solids
Item code: T232; 08
First transmission date: 28-09-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Martin Wright
Contributors: Tony Bright; Harry Pettinger
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Ellington colliery; Gantry lifts; Otis lifts; Winding engines
Footage description: Shots of coal mine gantries and of Tony Bright stepping out of a lift at the Ellington Colliery in Northumberland. He introduces the programme. Shots of the inside of the winding house of a traditional gantry lift. Shots of the huge winding drum inside. Tony Bright explains the principles on which these gantry lifts work. Bright holds up a section of the steel lifting rope and points out its constructional features. An animated diagram illustrates the principles of the gantry lift and how a dynamic analysis of a part of the lifting cycle will allow one to calculate the diameter of the rope required to operate the lift safely. Commentary by Tony Bright. Shots of a gantry winding gear and an animation illustrate how the torque required to operate the lift is generated. Shots of the lift motor, of gauges, governors, etc. Tony Bright briefly summarises the programme so far. An animated diagram is used to show the operating principles behind a different type of lift drive at the Ellington Colliery, a traction drive. Commentary by Tony Bright. Shots of a traction drive lift ascending. Harry Pettinger, Technical Director of the company which designed the traction lift at Ellington, is interviewed by Tony Bright. He explains how his company came to design the lift and what its design features are. Animated diagrams are shown at intervals during the interview. Bright and Pettinger discuss, particularly, the size and strength of the cables and the friction operated traction system. The interview continues. Bright and Pettinger examine the design of the lift car and the emergency stopping system incorporated in the lift. Again, animated diagrams are shown at intervals to illustrate points. Tony Bright looks at the actual traction system for the above lift and then at a graph showing the lifts velocity against distance travelled. Shots of gantries. Tony Bright, standing at the top of a gantry, summarises the programme.
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Production number: FOUT069L
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