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The mathematical techniques for determining earliest and latest times for each activity in a network and the parameters of float and critical path are examined in the context of a truck assembly line.
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Module code and title: TM361, "Graphs, networks and design"
Item code: TM361; 05
First transmission date: 06-05-1981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Ted Smith
Contributors: Norman Biggs; John Pearcy
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Dye; Earliest & latest times; Pattern-making; Punch; Vertices
Footage description: Roy Nelson, at a Vauxhall Motors truck assembly plant in Bedfordshire, introduces the programme. Shots of the assembly process with commentary briefly explaining each step. John Pearcy, Vauxhall Motors Project Planning Manager, reviews all the components which go into an assembly line, including design and tooling. Shots of the assembly line while he talks - A network diagram of part of the assembly process is examined by Roy Nelson. He points out and explains the components which make up a network diagram. John Pearcy looks at the diagram and discusses it in more detail. Roy Nelson, over shots of an assembly line dye making process and with a network diagram, examines the physical processes involved in making and testing a dye - John Pearcy and Roy Nelson discuss the need to add a duration element to a network diagram so that the longest path through the network can be determined. The problem of finding the longest path through a network is looked at by Norman Biggs in mathematical terms - Network diagrams and animated graphs illustrate his points. Roy Nelson joins in. Roy Nelson and Norman Biggs look to see if there is any flexibility in the timing of events in a network. They show how to calculate the earliest and latest times associated with each vertex of a digraph. Shots of a network diagram and of a digraph. Nelson goes on to show how the float time for an activity in a network is determined and how the critical path is determined from this. Norman Biggs joins in. Shots of a network diagram. In summary, John Pearcy briefly explains how the mathematical techniques examined in the programme relate to the assembly line network at Vauxhall Motors. Shots of the truck assembly line.
Production number: FOUT080X
Videofinder number: 1526
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