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Controversy over the peaceful uses of nuclear power have in recent years come to overshadow the much older arguments about nuclear weapons. As the Governments of Europe have become increasingly com...mitted to the construction of nuclear power stations, so opposition has hardened into protest and confrontation. This programme looks at the events of last summer (1981) when the people of the small Cornish village of Luxulyan prevented the CEGB from carrying out exploratory drillings on a farm near the village that the Generating Board thought might be suitable for a nuclear power station. The "sit-in" style protest lasted for six months and ended when the CEGB took the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall, John Alderson, to court in an attempt to force him to remove the protestors. The programme is not concerned with the pros and cons of nuclear power itself, but rather with the values and world views of the people involved. It relates the conflict to the systems concept of the 'environment' showing that this is an abstract concept of use when we try to understand complex human situations.
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Module code and title: T241, Systems behaviour
Item code: T241; 04; 1982
First transmission date: 01-06-1982
Published: 1982
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Producer: Bill Young
Contributors: John Alderson; J.(John) Bamford; Joyce Tait; Michael Gammon; Peter Bunyard; Douglas Pask; (Chief Insp. Bradley; Edward Goldsmith; Alan Rowe; Peter English
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Luxulyan; Nuclear power; Nuclear power stations; Systems management
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Production number: FOUT122P
Videofinder number: 2726
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