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Using extracts from BBC programmes about cars and linking them together without further commentary this programme is quite different from any other in the course, in that it is left to the student use the data presented to him to question his own attitudes to a particular technological development, in the light of what he has learned from the rest of the course. In his prologue John Naughton of the Open University gives some idea of what the student is expected to do with the material offered to him, but after that no further study guidance is offered. The content of the programme includes motor shows, a car commercial film, accident victims, a drive-in church, crash testing, early motoring and urban congestion.
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Module code and title: T101, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T101; 17; 1982
First transmission date: 02-10-1982
Published: 1982
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: Michael Cocker
Contributor: John Naughton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): 1st World War; Accidents; Car crash testing; Colin Buchanan; Drive-in church; Earl's Court Motor Show; Early motoring; Los Angeles; Peter Walker; Smog
Master spool number: HOU4051
Production number: FOUT145E
Videofinder number: 2216
Available to public: no