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Module code and title: T102, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T102; 04
First transmission date: 1989
Published: 1989
Duration: 00:24:22
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Producer: Bill Young
Contributors: John Naughton; Mike Whitehorn
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Information technology; Mainframe computers; Microcomputers
Footage description: Footage - Presenter talking in studio. City street scene. Mike Whitehorn carrying lap top computer in case. Whitehorn entering Pearl Assurance plc building and walking upstairs. Opens up lap top case and loads pc. Whitehorn talking (0'28"-3'33") - Footage from 1979 OU programme, "The company, computers and the union": Office filing cabinets. Mike Whitehorn writing a program in Basic. Whitehorn talking. Views of office workers. Einion Holland talking. Mike Whitehorn talking. Views of office. Man pushing trolley then loading data on punched cards. Data printing out (3'34"-5'59") - Woman pushing tea trolley. Woman pouring tea. Woman putting tea on Russell Devitt's desk (6'00"-7'48") - 1979: Devitt working on spreadsheets. Devitt talking in 1979. Workers in office. Devitt talking in 1989 (7'49"-10'12") - David Davies looking at paper work then working at computer. Davies talking. Hands typing at computer keyboards (10'13"-11'45"). Russell Devitt talking. Views of office workers at computers. Spreadsheet data on computer screen. Mike Whitehorn typing at his lap top. Data on screen. Whitehorn talking. Data on screen (11'46"-14'21") - Clerical workers in office. Russell Devitt talking. Phone ringing at helpdesk. Woman on phone. Data on computer screen. Helpdesk office. Computer screen (14'22"-16'34") - Bill Collins talking. Old and new equipment in company's main computing facility (16'35"-19'00") - Workers at local network computers. Computer screen. Laser printer. Women typing at computer keyboards 19'01"-21'20") - David Davies talking. Office workers. Data on screen. Mike Whitehorn talking (21'21"-24'24").
Master spool number: HOU5945
Production number: FOUT305S
Videofinder number: 2905
Available to public: no