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Module code and title: T102, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T102; 12
First transmission date: 1989
Published: 1989
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: John Stratford
Contributors: Dick Morris; John Naughton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Nitrates; Pollution, water; Rothamsted experimental station; Water research centre; Water supply
Subject terms: Nitrates; Water--Pollution
Footage description: Footage - Tractor in a field. Presenter speaking. Glass overflowing with water from a tap. Tractor applying fertiliser to field. Hatton pumping station in the distance. Water being extracted. Pumping machinery (0'28"-2'08") - Graph showing nitrate levels in water since the 1950s. Graph showing fertiliser application since the 1950s. Exterior of Hatton pumping station. Front page of Council Directive 1980 by the European Community Council regarding water quality. Front page and cover of WHO guidelines for drinking water quality 1984 (2'09"-4'17") - Dripping tap. Scales measuring gallons of water pumped. Woman at computer keyboard. Map of Wales/West England panning to Hatton in Staffordshire. 3D model of Hatton area. Cross section of rock area. 3D model showing soil zone (4'18"-6'41") - Men working machinery taking rock core samples. Rocks being broken in lab with hammer and put into a container. 3D models and cross setions of Hatton area. Aquifer models (6'42"-8'39"). View across fields. Close up of soil. Storm clouds. Leafy twig on tree. Rain forming puddles on ground (8'40"-9'22") - Aquifer model. Fertiliser being applied to field. Woman at computer keyboard. Graph showing nitrate concentrations (9'23"-11'18") - Presenter standing in front of bags of fertiliser. Trees in field. Panning shots across fields. Graph showing nitrate concentrations. Tractor spreading manure on field. Woodland. Logs. Country lane. Graph showing financial cost to farmers (11'19"-14'43") - Cows in a field. Man at computer. Wheat fields. Experimental apparatus. Fertiliser with labelled nitrate being applied to field of crops. Views of fields (14'44"-16'54") - Cross section 3D model of field. Tractor ploughing field. Rain. Puddles forming on soil. Fertiliser being applied with experimental apparatus. Young crops in a field. Cross section of field (16'55"-18'48") - Man climbing down ladder underground to collect water from a tap beneath three plots (18'49"-21'13").Man walking outside Hatton pumping station. Man entering Hatton pumping station. Water being pumped. Exterior views of pumping station. Graphs comparing costs to water industry (21'14"-22'48") - Aerial views of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Cars on busy road. Close up of car exhaust. Clear water (22'49-24'15").
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Production number: FOUT325A
Videofinder number: 3122
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