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Module code and title: T102, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T102; 14; 1991
First transmission date: 1991
Published: 1991
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Duration: 00:23:57
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributors: Dick Morris; John Naughton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Car manufacturing; Environmental pollution; Pollution, air; Volvo Cars
Footage description: Footage - Presenter speaking. Busy traffic in city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Smog. Presenter using instrument to record levels of pollutants in the air (0'27"-3'20") - Air quality measuring station: equipment on roof. Control room. Computers. Equipment taking readings of air pollutants (3'21"-4'10") - In tray and answer phone on desk. Map of Gothenburg. Graph of build up of air pollutants. Car travelling along road. 1990 Volvo concept car. Men looking at engine parts that allow it to run on methanol (4'11-6'45") - Car. Computer animated model of combustion chamber. Mixture in chamber. Car being tested for emmissions. Catalytic converter. Chamber inside the converter. Scientist slicing through converter. Sample of honeycomb section viewed under an electron microscope (6'46"-8'35") - Volvo employees testing car parts. Electrically heated catalyst. Different shaped catalysts. Employees working. 2 men looking at engine of concept car (8'36"-10'11"). Car bodies being dipped in phosphate bath. Men spraying car bodies with paint. Robots working on manufacture of cars (10'12"-11'15") - View of city industrial area. Environmental committee meeting. Interview with the Vice President (11'16"-14'49") - LCP2000 car. Presenter showing various lightweight parts of car. Man driving LCP2000 car (14'50"-16'40") - Car falling in slow motion and crumpling on impact. Test car with dummies being hit from the side. VESC concept car. Cars rolling. Footage of various cars in crash simulations (16'41"-19'09") - View through car windscreen. Simulated display with readings on dashboard. Cars travelling along road. Headlamps and grill of car. 2 films comparing a journey with and without u/v headlamps (19'10"-20'30") - Car travelling along road. Busy traffic in Gothenburg. Interview with Vice President of Environmental committee. Gothenburg traffic. Vice President talking (20'31"-23'46").
Master spool number: HOU6830
Production number: FOUT371E
Videofinder number: 3797
Available to public: no