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Module code and title: T102, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T102; 500
First transmission date: 06-02-1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:49:21
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributor: John Naughton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Atmosphere; Carbon dioxide; Data collection; Greenhouse effect; Ice-core analysis; Mauna Loa records; Mechanism; Media interest; Television
Subject terms: Climatic changes; Global warming
Footage description: Footage - 1974 clip from BBC 'The weather machine': arctic scenes and view of Manhattan across Hudson River. Fork lightning. 1990 clip from Panorama 'The big heat': storms, tidal waves (0'44"-2'16") - Man on shingle beach. Dry ice placed in bowl of water. Woodland in sunshine. Animation of Earth showing input and output radiation (2'17-6'20") - Aerial view of island, sea and clouds. Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii. Scientists working. Graphical data (6'21"-7'28") - Greenland science camp. Scientists drilling and storing ice core samples. Blizzard. Analysis of ice core samples at Copenhagen University. Equipment (7'29"-10'04") - Dry ice. Computer animations of earth. 1970s super computer in Princeton University. 1980s Cray computer. Jim Hanson working at computer. Computer animation of predicted world drought areas (10'05-13'21") - Rocky landscape. Cacti. Redwood tree. Scientists taking tree ring samples. Samples being polished and viewed under microscope. (13'22"-15'09). Graph of global mean temperatures since 1860. Ice core samples. Greenland camp. 1974 clip from BBC 'The weather machine': interview with Bert Bolin (15'09"-16'43") - 1990 clip from Panorama's 'The big heat'. 1990 clip from BBC News: Mrs Thatcher at the Met Office. Animation. Coastal waves. Countryside. Clip from BBC/OU's 'The heat is on': UN world conference. Graphical data (16'44"-20'16") - Factories. Pollution. People tending rice fields. Rain forests burning. Man at computer screen. Graphical data. Computer models of climate/sea level changes. Woodland. Oak tree. Lightning. Flooding. Coastal storms. Roofs blowing off houses (20'17"-26'27") - Aerial view of 1953 flooding in East Anglia. Sea defences along beach. Thames barrier. Waves. Man on shingle beach (26'28"-29'38") - Standardised recording equipment for measuring air temperature. Various thermometers inside screen. Man entering weather balloon hanger (29'39"-30'47"). Woman at computer. People attaching measuring equipment to weather balloon and releasing it. Balloon being tracked on computer. Graphical data collected on computer screen. Exterior of Met office station (30'48"-33'05") - Beach. Waves. Ocean buoy. Men on ship releasing buoy. Computer animations and satellite images. Views of arctic landscapes. Iceberg (33'06"-36'39") - Ice cube in test tube of water. Silhouette of tree against bright sun. Trees. Presenters talking. Lightning (36'40-39'41") - Studio footage: spray diagram. Different presenters talking. Various shots from programme on screen in studio (39'42"-49'20").
Master spool number: BOU7350
Production number: FOUT423N
Videofinder number: 4501
Available to public: no