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Module code and title: T102, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T102; 504
First transmission date: 29-05-1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:50:30
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributor: Mark Endean
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bolton mill; Cleaning; Dyers; Factory; Open-end spinning; Ore processing; Printers; Quarry Bank Mill; Sewage; Spinning machines
Footage description: Footage - Presenter talking outside Quarry Bank cotton mill, Cheshire. Weir. River. Exterior of mill. Water wheel. Spinning machines. Water wheel. Exterior of mill (0'45"-5'03") - Rubbish dump. Scrap metal goods. Car park. Alcan recycling centre. Man bringing bags of aluminium cans which are crushed and sorted (5'14"-8'15") - Bales of crushed cans. Warehouse. Aluminium extraction plant in Brazil. Aluminium ore in quarry. Man operating truck. Aerial view of plant. Sign: Alumar. Waste pipe discharging into water. Hydroelectric power station (8'16"-10'41") - Interior and exterior views of aluminium smelting plant. Molten aluminium being poured into ingots. Archive film of man breaking up cooled surface of aluminium melt (10'42"-12'27") - Crushed cans. Aluminium recycling plant. Furnace. Molten aluminium. Aluminium melt being poured into ingots. Solidified ingots being stacked. Exterior of recycling centre. Exterior of aluminium smelting plant (12'28"-15'12"). Alcan sign on wall of plant. Bales of crushed cans in warehouse. Process of recycling: cans that have been decoated and shredded go into furnace. Alloys added. Surface being raked. 8m ingot being transported (15'13"-18'15") - Person fitting shuttle to Dobby loom. Views of Dobby loom working. Women picking cotton. Cotton bales on truck. Graphical data (18'26"-20'20") - Bales of cotton at Swan Lane cotton mill in Bolton. Interior views of mill and machinery working. Various views of the different machinery responsible for each stage of the spinning process. Exterior of Quarry Bank mill. Mule spinning machinery (20'21"-26'34") - Exterior of Swan Lane mill. Terraced houses. Interior of mill. Ring spinning machinery (26'35"-28'23") - Man dismantling part of ring spinner machinery. Open end spinning process. Robots working (28'24"-32'25") - Bridge over river. Views of flowing river (32'34"-33'26").Standfast Dyers and Printers factory. Fabric being printed. Interior views of factory. Buckets of print pigments (33'27"-34'47") - Chief executive talking. Interior of factory. Cleaning process. Dyeing process. Drying process. Cloth being printed and fireproofed (35'28"-38'10") - Man rinsing equipment. Chief executive talking. Control room of effluent treatment plant. Data on computer screen. Chief executive talking (38'11"-41'28") - River. Domestic/industrial waste dscharging into water. Waste water treatment plant. Views of the stages in the treatment process. Screw pumps. Long distance and close up views of plant. Presenter in Bolton street (41'29"-49'41").
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