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Module code and title: T102, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T102; 501; 1996
First transmission date: 10-02-1996
Published: 1996
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Duration: 00:49:00
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributors: Marya Burgess; Bob Clark; David Cooke; John Naughton
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): International terminal; Materials; Modelling techniques; Structural design; Waterloo
Footage description: Footage - Views of London: office blocks, Telecom tower, Big Ben. Waterloo station. Waterloo terminal, 1992. Terminal building. Views of arch structure. Trains entering station (0'45"-3'12") - Views of Humber bridge from car crossing it. Car stopping on river bank beneath Humber bridge (3'13"-5'06") - Stonehenge at sunrise. Animated "architect's" drawing of Stonehenge showing forces and stress points. Stonehenge at sunrise. The Parthenon. Animated "architect's" drawing of the Parthenon showing forces and stress points. Parthenon columns (5'07"-10'42") - Animation of corbelled arch superimposed onto photo of stone arch. Egyptian barrel vault at Thebes. Roman aqueduct at Sergovia. Model of stone arch. Aqueduct at Segovia (10'43"-12'43") - Stone arch bridge over stream. Detail of stone bridge arches. Long distance view of viaduct (12'44"-14'15") - Animation of arches changing into cathedral. Beverley Minster: flying buttresses. Interior of roof. Stained glass windows (14'16"-16'29"). Ironbridge. Cracks in cross bracing. Ironbridge and reflection. Suspension bridge: hawsers, cables, towers. Animated "architect's" drawing of suspension bridge showing tension of cables and relationship between height and tension. Close up of cables (16'30"-20'59") - B/w illustration of ancient Chinese suspension bridge. Conway castle and suspension bridge. Close ups of cast iron structure. Telford's Menaii bridge (21'00"-22'44") - Humber bridge. Design drawings for bridge over the River Avon, 1830. Aerial view of Clifton suspension bridge. Humber bridge. Ironbridge and reflection (22'45"-25'11") - London: Big Ben. Waterloo terminal. Interior of Waterloo terminal building. Man walking down street into design centre. Scale architect's model of Waterloo terminal (25'12"-27'04") - House. Woman and two children in living room. Woman creating 2D plan of house design. Exterior view of house. Woman at computer (27'05"-29'10"). Presenter in studio. Full scale 3D model of house. Grid sheets. 2D plan of house. Presenter walking around full scale 3D model of house (29'11"-40'00") - Spreadsheets on computer screen. Data entry. Computer animation of 3D house plan. 2D house plan. Spreadsheets. Insulation in loft (40'01"-47'12") - Waterloo station. Eurostar train at platform. Passengers. Line of trolleys. Waterloo International sign. Ticket barriers. Passengers walking to trains. Eurostar trains under arch (49'00").
Master spool number: DOU8576
Production number: FOUT521B
Videofinder number: 5078
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