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Module code and title: T102, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T102; 503; 1996
First transmission date: 1996
Published: 1996
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Duration: 00:49:00
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributors: Rosalind Armson; Angela Barlow
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): European domestic energy schemes; Examining the relative efficiency of gas and coal power stations
Footage description: Footage - National Grid control centre. Electricity pylons. National Power sign. Exterior of National Power centre, Swindon. Interior of centre: woman on phone. Electricity pylons (0'45"-3'48") - Aerial view of Didcot power station. Computer animation of working power station (3'49"-6'00") - Drakelow power station. Turbines. Computer animation of power station. Condensers and boiler feed pumps. Computer animation (6'01"-10'06") - Views of Didcot power station. Computer animation. Electricity pylons. Didcot power station control room: staff working. Station's systems on computer screen. Aerial view of Didcot power station (10'07"-15'29") - Aerial view of Barford power station. Computer animation of Combined Cycle Gas Turbine station (CCGT). Interior and exterior of CCGT. Computer animation. Gas turbines. Computer animation. Aerial view of Barford power station. Computer animation. Barford station control room. Electricity pylons (15'30"-20'56"). BBC TV Centre, London. Large satellite dishes. Exterior views of centre. Interior of boiler room: modern gas fired generator (20'57"-22'58") - Stills of Didcot, Barford and BBC Centre generator. Aerial view of Didcot power station. Formula. Computer animation of gas turbine. Still of Barford power station. Still of BBC Centre generator. Formulae (22'59"-26'01") - Still of houses in Malmo, Sweden. Map of Northern Europe. Rotterdam scenes: musical organ, tram, traffic lights, flag (26'02"-27'33") - Building on housing estate. Interior of newly built house. Pipes in trench. Gas boiler station (27'34"-29'09") - Saab car in studio. Rotterdam: Schiehaven power station. Turbine hall. Apartments and office buildings in Rotterdam. Auxiliary back-up station (29'10"-32'29") - Map of Sweden. Malmo scenes: port, harbour, statue, city streets, housing estate in snow blizzard. Pipes in trench. District heating network and energy supply stations labelled on city map (32'30"-34'44"). Heleneholm CHP station. Interior views. Sysav domestic refuse plant. Refuse dumping hall and sorting area. Combustion grate. Exterior and interior views of plant (34'45"-40'01") - Sewerage treatment plant. Heat pump. Ferrochrome plant. District heating network on city map (40'02"-42'24") - Malmo in the snow. Coal burning plant at Limhamn. Exterior and interior views. Map showing energy figures for different stations. Graph of yearly electricity demand (42'25"-46'07") - Saab car in studio. Jagersro racing track. Horses in training.Truck taking manure and straw for incineration. Horse in stable (46'08-49'00").
Master spool number: DOU8578
Production number: FOUT522W
Videofinder number: 5175
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