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Module code and title: T102, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T102; 506; 1996
First transmission date: 1996
Published: 1996
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Duration: 00:49:00
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributors: Marya Burgess; Dick Morris
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Citreon; Electric vehicles; France electricity - EDF; Peugeot; Pollution; Power stations
Footage description: Footage - Statistical reports. Map showing High Wycombe. Still photos of hospital staff. Written caption introducing dramatisation: a reconstruction of a medical investigation in the 1960s by Esme Hadfield and Ronald Macbeth (0'43"-2'12") - High Wycombe cemetery 1965. Elderly woman placing flowers on grave. Tombstone of Frank Wilson Johnson (2'13"-2'47") - Secretary carrying F.W. Johnson's medical records down hospital corridor. Two surgeons in operating theatre. Surgeons walking, looking at medical records. Actuality interviews with Hadfield and Macbeth (2'48"-4'44") - Hadfield and Macbeth talking in office. Hadfield and another surgeon walking down corridor. Secretary filing her nails. Secretary confirming appointments with Hadfield. Surgeons discussing new nasal cancer case (4'45"-6'34") - Actuality interviews with Hadfield and Macbeth. Hadfield (actress) walking down street. Hadfield talking with Dr. Acheson. Actuality interviews with Hadfield and Macbeth (6'35"-10'37"). Map. Hadfield and Macbeth in discussion. Patient in examination room. Surgeons discussing carcinoma with patient. Actuality interviews with Hadfield and Macbeth (10'38"-13'41") - Hadfield and Acheson talking. Secretary giving Hadfield medical records. Closure sign at Cottage Hospital. Exterior and interior of hospital. Hadfield looking at files. Hadfield talking with Acheson. Actuality interview with Hadfield (13'42"-16'11") - Hadfield visiting Mrs Johnson's house. Mrs Johnson's sitting room. Hadfield at the records office. Mr Owlswick (record keeper) finds her an old record book (16'12"-20'33") - Doctors in discussion. Hadfield and Macbeth talking outside hospital. Hadfield researching at records office. Actuality interviews with Hadfield and Macbeth. Pages from reort by Hadfield and Macbeth (20'34"-24'27") - Cars at traffic lights. Exhausts. Graph. Busy traffic in town. List of respiratory disorders. Man on bike. Traffic. People walking. List of research studies (24'28"-26'08").BBC News West news clip: Wycroft wood. Batheaston village. Road building: bypass 1996. Views of Bath. Bath Environment centre. Computer screen. BBC News West news clip: exhaust emmissions. View of Bath (26'09"-29'13") - La Rochelle harbour. Town scenes. Peugeot-Citroen car showroom. Electric car (29'14"-32'39") - Various electric cars and their drivers (interviews) in La Rochelle (32'40"-37'14") - Two electric vans at charging station. Bakery. Electric van. Batteries. Electric circuitry. Electric parking bay. Electric cars on roads (37'15"-41'51") - Night time view of charging station. Aerial view of power station. Car showroom interspersed with cars on road. Company promotional video for "Tulip" electric car. Animation. Park and Ride Bus (41'52"-49'00).
Master spool number: DOU8854
Production number: FOUT539W
Videofinder number: 5176
Available to public: no