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Module code and title: T102, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T102; 505; 1998
First transmission date: 1998
Published: 1998
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Duration: 00:50:00
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributors: Phil Collins; Dick Morris; Robert Smith; Alan Wilson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Footage description: Footage - Farmers' market setting up, Bath. Lorry at potato packing station. Woman checking potato quality. Potatoes being sorted on conveyor belt. Fork lift track lifting packing crates (0'39"-2'43") - Crates of potatoes stacked in cold storage warehouse. Potatoes being washed, sorted and bagged. Exterior view of packing station. Exterior view of Waitrose distribution centre. Lorries. Men unloading lorries (2'44"-5'10") - Computers. Screen showing orders. Staff distributing goods into roll cages. Lorry trailer. Refrigeration control panel. Driver entering lorry cab. Lorry leaving packing station 5'11"-6'44") - Exterior view of Waitrose supermarket. Lorry parking and opening up. Interior of Waitrose: fruit and veg on shelves. Customers shopping. Bags of potatoes (6'45"-7'31") - Farm fields. Field boundaries. Reservoir. Grey partridges. Brown hare. Hedges (7'32"-10'27") - Farmer, advisors and buyers discussing crops in potato field (10'27"-16'37").Views of crops. Animation of cross section of soil: nitrates, aquifers (16'38"-18'37") - Potato crops. Bags of fertiliser being loaded onto lorry trailer. Views of fields. Group talking in field. Potato crops (18'38"-20'37") - Poster for Bath farmers' market. Green beans. Produce on stalls. People buying goods at market. Organic farmer talking. Stalls of produce (20'38"-25'03") - View of fields and farm buildings. Cows walking in yard. View of farm across fields. North Farm gate and yard. Cows. Manure. Views of fields. Wheat plants. Animations to show process of photosynthesis (25'04"-30'48") - Bags of fertiliser on lorry trailer. Animation showing nutrient uptake by plants. Cows in farmyard. Tractors collecting manure. Filter box. Water treatment plant. Automatic irrigator (30'49"-33'07") - Bags of fertiliser being loaded onto lorry trailer. Man collecting soil samples from fields. Soil samples in laboratory containers. Woman testing soil PH. Equipment in lab. Data (33'08"-38'43"). Tractor pulling trailer loaded with bags of fertiliser. View of fields. Sample of wheat plant damaged by fret fly. Two men walking in field damaged by fret fly (38'44"-43'53") - Views of fields. Close up of debris on ground surface. Grain mountain in building. Views across fields. Cows feeding. Fields (43'54"-47'22") - Poster for Bath farmers' market. Bath street scenes. Farmers' market stalls. Street scenes in La Rochelle (47'23"-49'02").
Master spool number: DOU9575
Production number: FOUT575J
Videofinder number: 5511
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