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This programme is about communication and the latest technology used for communicating.
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Module code and title: T305, Digital communications
Item code: T305; 01
First transmission date: 1998
Published: 1998
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Duration: 00:29:56
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Producer: Cameron Balbirine
Contributors: Lesley Aiello; Chris Dillon; Guy Fielding; Judy Gibbons
Publisher: BBC Open University
Footage description: Footage - Computer graphics. Typing on a keyboard. Guy Fielding talking. Images of various people interspersed with images of technology. Archive images of people in the street and outside houses (0'21"-2'12") - Man walking on mud. People having a conversation. Guy Fielding. Elvis Presley on stage. Image of human skull. Lesley Aiello talking. Early ancestors walking in woodland. Lesley Aiello (2'13"-3'49") - Early ancestors eating. Lesley Aiello. Typing on a keyboard. Man using mobile phone. Chris Dillon talking. North London street. Man working on a computer. Pearson Phillips talking. Judy Gibbons talking. Street party. Musicians on stage (3'50"-5'52") - Street party. Teenagers talking. Street party. Two teenagers. Street party. Man in garden. Pearson Phillips. Garden. Digital camera being used. Tom Standage talking. Telegraph machine. Archive street film. Archive film of telephone. Tom Standage. Archive film of telephone. Guy Fielding (5'53-10'37).Customers in a mobile phone shop. Man talking. Woman talking. Motorbike courier talking. Chris Dillon. Guy Fielding entering an office block and walking around. Man using a laptop computer. Guy Fielding walking. Office canteen with people talking. Primates in the jungle. Daniel Nettle talking. Primates grooming. Lesley Aiello. Early ancestors walking. Lesley Aiello. Group of baboons. Lesley Aiello. Guy Fielding talking in a board room. People talking (10'38"-15'32") - Guy Fielding. Dog playing. Boats sailing. Man with family sitting by a cliff talking. Country view. Man with family. View of harbour. Child walking. Children using a computer for video conferencing. John Archbold talking. Children video conferencing. John Archbold. Man with family. Children video conferencing. Archive film. Teenagers talking (15'33"-20'55") - Pearson Phillips. Guy Fielding. Chris Dillon. Images of people interspersed with images of technology. Teenagers talking. Street party. Judy Gibbons. Telegraph machine. Archive street footage. Antique telephones. Tom Standage. Guy Fielding (20'56"-25'08") - People using computers in an internet cafe. Tom Standage. Archive film of telephones. Computer being used. Pearson Phillips. Children having their faces painted. Aerial view of the rain forest. Lesley Aiello. Guy Fielding (25'09"-29'56").
Master spool number: DOU9692
Production number: FOUT578R
Videofinder number: 5651
Available to public: no